Many professional services firms come across as complex, fragmented and undifferentiated. That makes it difficult to attract and keep the right clients and the right staff. We work with leaders and the organizations they steward to figure out who they really are and how to generate unique value from that – for their people, their clients, and for society. Then we help you tell a simple, coherent and compellingly different story to your market – a story that will help your business grow.


Great brands aspire to change the world for the better. That vision attracts and binds your best clients and staff to you. It’s a source of differentiation, inspiration and energy (if it isn’t any of those things, then it’s not a vision).

Your business purpose is the expression of your vision. We help professional services firms like yours develop their vision from three different perspectives:

• An aspirational future state for society
• An aspirational future state for your business
• How you see the world (values and beliefs)


Professional services firms deliver value to their clients at multiple levels, not just because of their technical or intellectual ability to solve their clients’ problems. Authentic Identity helps you create deep and lasting bonds with your clients and staff by uncovering and harnessing each of these levels of value. Great organizations and great leaders are in the business of creating meaning. Meaning is value – we all hunger for it, and we’ll move mountains when we find it. Authentic Identity helps professional services firms articulate and align around the meaning at the heart of their business.


Professional services firms deliver value to their clients at multiple levels:
• Functional
• Relational
• Personal
• Societal
Each of these levels of value offers a path to differentiation. Authentic Identity helps you articulate your multi-level value proposition and use each level to signal your firm’s uniqueness.


The most powerful professional services brands tell archetypal stories – narratives that evoke and address fundamental human needs. These stories fly underneath our rational radar and connect with us at a visceral level. Successful professional services brands connect these archetypal narratives to their rational business arguments, to create deep bonds with their clients and staff. Authentic Identity helps you identify and harness the archetypal story patterns that underpin your brand.


For a professional services firm attracting, developing and retaining the most talented people is as important as winning new clients. Authentic Identity helps you articulate what your brand promises to recruits and staff, and helps you design your promotion and reward criteria to support your promise. We help you attract and keep the right people.


For a professional services firm, new ideas, new insights and new services are central to brand differentiation and business growth. But how do you develop a culture that encourages and rewards the development of new ideas and practices? Authentic Identity helps you align your brand promise with your process for developing ideas and insights. We help you improve the RoI on your investments in intellectual capital.


For a professional services firm, attracting and retaining clients who will provide quality revenue over the long term is essential. Authentic Identity helps you translate your brand promise into a differentiated experience at key touch-points. We help you attract and keep the right clients.


Many professional services firms have growth strategies that hinge on the firm being viewed as relational, innovative, tailored, predictable, focused, broad, etc. But do your financial reward systems support and encourage the behaviors that your brand promises? Authentic Identity helps you align your brand promise with your financial reward system, to encourage and support the brand behavior that will lead to profitable business growth.


Communication and thought leadership strategies that are based on owning a set of key issues, rather than promoting a point solution, have deeper and more enduring strategic impact. Authentic Identity helps you identify the core issues that your professional services brand must own, then use those to focus and drive your thought leadership and your marketing communications strategy.


We specialize in translating the complex and sophisticated offerings of professional services firms into clear and compelling communication tools. Wherever you need to move people to action - through your website, your credentials presentation, your elevator speech, your social media strategy or your internal communications – Authentic Identity can help.


A professional services firm’s brand is a tool that guides behavior and decisions. We will help you develop a cadre of change agents who can spread understanding of your brand throughout your organization and bring it to life. Authentic Identity helps your people leadership team to use the brand as a decision-making tool.