Time to Commit to Your Organization’s Uniqueness

By Tony Tiernan

Your organization carries the seeds of uniqueness within it. It has the potential to create value and attract talent in a way that no other firm can.

Here’s what it takes:

• A compelling vision that gives your people hope worth fighting for

• A clear mission that supports the vision and rouses your people to action

• A set of values that support the mission, avoid banality and shape the behaviors that will signal your organization’s uniqueness

• A value proposition that goes beyond simply meeting your clients’ business challenges

• A set of business processes that support and enable all of the above

• A brand story that enables your clients and your people to find shared meaning and value in who you are and what you do.

Pause a moment and take inventory. Chances are you already have some, maybe most of these elements. Some may need to be aligned, improved, verified or otherwise developed. And others you may have to build from scratch.

An enterprise that develops and deploys these brand-building tools is built to stand out, not blend in. It’s equipped to galvanize its people and clients with shared meaning and value. It’s a place worth working for and with. Why waste another year pretending to be ordinary? It’s time to commit to your organization’s uniqueness.

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