Authentic Identity helps professional services firms build strong, differentiated brands with which to attract and keep the right clients and the right talent. Our name reflects our two core beliefs: that who you are determines how you create value; and that in a professional services firm your brand is a mandate, not a mask.


Brand Strategy

Every professional services firm has a unique DNA that creates distinctive value for its clients, binds the firm’s best people together and sets the firm apart from its competitors. We help you uncover your unique identity and use it to drive growth, profitability and impact. And we help your professionals understand how the heritage they share and care about informs and grounds the firm’s future – so they are more likely to help you get there.

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Brand Alignment

Professional services firms face a unique challenge: how do you honor the autonomy and independence that your professionals cherish (qualities that enable them to create value for your clients) while delivering a client experience sufficiently consistent to constitute a brand? How do you align the motivations of your professionals with the behaviors rewarded by your business processes, and with the value that your brand promises?

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Brand Communication

Many professional services firms present themselves in terms of the services they offer (their practice areas). But there is a lot more power and strategic wiggle-room in owning a set of issues than in owning a set of point-solutions. The key is to use your brand to focus and drive your intellectual capital development, your people's behavior, and your marketing communications strategy. Then you can tell a bigger, more compelling story.

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