For a professional services firm, a brand is a mandate, not a mask. It shows up not only in your communications, but also in the behavior of your professionals and in your core business processes.

Very often however, the processes and remuneration systems set up by professional services firms unwittingly discourage the behaviors and values that the firm needs.

The unintended consequence is that the brand makes promises the organization cannot keep, and the firm is unable to meet its strategic business objectives.

We help you use your brand as a strategic tool to guide decisions and align the business. Once we have worked together to uncover and develop the meaning at the heart of your business – the force that attracts and binds the right talent and the right clients to the organization – then we help you and your leadership team to translate that into action in three core areas:

  • Developing clients
  • Developing people
  • Developing intellectual capital

In the process, we help you design your remuneration and reward system to help shape and reinforce the behaviors you need to deliver on your brand’s promise.