Belden Menkus

Belden Menkus is Managing Director of MenKus & Associates, a consulting firm that works with boards and executive teams on issues of strategy and leadership. 

He helps senior teams take action quickly and effectively by clarifying their situation and aligning around their identity. 

The result is that his clients respond faster, more productively, and with lower risk – particularly when faced with rapidly changing, unstable, or contentious opportunities and threats.

Belden started his career with McKinsey & Company, working with clients in Europe, US and Japan, advising on strategy, organization and operations.  Subsequently, he was recruited by CSC Index to help develop and deliver an innovative way to use technology to change how businesses create value. Following that, he spent 5 years in a variety of hands-on corporate development and venturing roles, before returning to strategic change leadership consulting in 2002. 

Belden’s exceptional skills in helping senior professionals to find clarity, alignment and the will to change, bring a unique dimension to the challenge of developing professional services brands.